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We are dedicated to provide collaborative solutions to your business and projects

Human Resources & Administration

The key to a great business is a great administration and an even better Human Resources plan.

Finance & Business Solutions

Lack of sound business strategy is a sound strategy to fail. AfriConsult can help you develop various aspects of your business and guide you through the growth of your own brand.

Legal Services

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse so why take the risk and wait for the law to catch up with you when you can be proactive and get AfriConsult’s legal protection.

Our Services

Embrace and drive transformation in the society and world around us- Transformation is what we do whenever we are involved in anything. There is always room for improvement in any environment and at AfriConsult Firm, we will always strive to and make that improvement.

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Training & Capacity Building

AfriConsult Firm provides in-house training courses that cover specific topics or issues, as selected by the client


If you are an entertainer looking for professional assistance or if you require entertainers, then AfriConsult is the right Firm for you!

Policy& Research Solutions

AfriConsult Firm provides world class research, analysis, market intelligence and evaluation services to a range of clients.

Creative & Information Technology Solutions

In this modern era, we live in, IT is unavoidable and if you want to stay relevant you have to join the game.